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issue regarding 32 bit crc implementation in transaction class of ethernet packets in uvm methodology

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Hello Friends,

I am samrat Patel from ahmedabad
Currently i am working on a project of ethernet packet using uvm methodology.In project i have to implement a 32 bit crc logic in transaction class . i have seen some material on crc but for 32 bit crc i am not getting properly that how to do XOR calculation between 32 bit crc and 8 bit data.so any one can elaboreate it and help me for this that how can i do crc implemenation?

If u know reply me asap

email id:samrat150590@gmail.com
contact no: 09016464567


Samrat Patel
->Following is my transaction class
//ethernet transaction class declaration 
class eth_transaction extends uvm_sequence_item;
//ethernet packet field ranomization 
  rand bit [55:0] preamble;
  rand bit [7:0] sfd;
  rand bit [47:0] dst_addr;
  rand bit [47:0] src_addr;
  rand bit [15:0] data_len; // this length can accomodate MAXIMUM length of 1500
  rand bit [7:0] payload [];
  rand bit [31:0] crc;    
  rand int unsigned transmit_delay;//transmit delay between transfers
  constraint c_delay {transmit_delay==10;}//constraint on transmit delay-constraint as per need
//constraint on specific field
constraint preamble_con{
constraint sfd_con{
                   sfd== 8'hab;
constraint data_len_con{
                        data_len inside {[46:1500]};
                        solve data_len before payload;
constraint payload_con{
//macro registraton
function new(string name = "eth_transaction");
//display method  
function void display(string strng);
  $display("\n@time=%0g\tpacket displaying from %s",$time,strng);
  $display("|| preamble     || sfd  || dst_addr   || src_addr   ||   data_Len ||   payload_Len ||  crc   ||");
  $display("||%h||  %h  ||%h||%h||    %4d    ||     %6d    ||%h||",preamble,
//pack all bits of ethernet packet field
function void do_pack(uvm_packer packer);
  super.do_pack(packer); // pack super's properties
endfunction : do_pack
//unpack all bits of ethernet packet field
function void do_unpack(uvm_packer packer);
  super.do_unpack(packer); // unpack super's properties
  preamble = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(preamble));
  sfd = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(sfd));
  dst_addr = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(dst_addr));
  src_addr = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(src_addr));
  data_len = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(data_len));
  payload = new[data_len];
  payload = packer.unpack_field_int(8);
  crc = packer.unpack_field_int($bits(crc));
endfunction : do_unpack
//do_compare method -to compare specific field
function bit do_compare(uvm_object rhs,uvm_comparer comparer);
    eth_transaction rhs_;
    bit status=1;
    status &= (preamble == rhs_.preamble);
    status &= (sfd == rhs_.sfd);
    status &= (dst_addr == rhs_.dst_addr);
    status &= (src_addr == rhs_.src_addr);
    status &= (data_len == rhs_.data_len);
    status &= (payload == rhs_.payload);
    status &= (crc == rhs_.crc);
    return status;
endclass: eth_transaction
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