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SystemC install clang


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How to do install SystemC in clang?
I tried to configure error...
> $ ./configure CC=clang CXX=clang++
> :
> :
> configure: error: "sorry...compiler not supported"


configure check c++ compiler "c++" or "g++" only.



I modified configure file.

(example: Linux OS)

> L 5082 

         case "$CXX_COMP" in

            c++ | g++ | clang++ )
Could you please check whether no problem in this fix?
Best Regards,
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Basically, your edit should work as expected. SystemC 2.3 is in fact tested with Clang >= 2.9.

You should not edit the configure file, though. If you want to add clang++ to the detection script, add the case to configure.in and run autoreconf instead.

Another option is to have symlinks for cc and c++ in your path, pointing to the Clang compilers.

On my Debian workstation, I use the alternatives mechanism (see man update-alternatives) for cc/c++ to point to Clang:

[philipph@tethys:~]$ update-alternatives --display cc | head -2
cc - manual mode
  link currently points to /usr/bin/clang
[philipph@tethys:~]$ update-alternatives --display c++ | head -2
c++ - manual mode
  link currently points to /usr/bin/clang++
and then use
../configure CC=cc CXX=c++
to configure SystemC for Clang.

Greetings from Oldenburg,


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Is there any schedule by which configure is released officially?

No. Some future version of the ASI SystemC proof-of-concept implementation may add support for Clang, but there is no release schedule for this at the moment. Upcoming releases and their call for public review will be announced via these forums, though.


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