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undefined reference to _sc_main.


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I am trying to build my first Hello World project in systemc, under cygwin.

I get build error: undefined reference to _sc_main.


Please help me how to resolve this problem.


I installed systemc under cygwin in the objdir directory, with ./configure and the ./ make instal, and I have libsystemc in the library directory.


Thank you

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I use Eclipse under cygwin.

But in the meanwhile I resolved the issue.

It was related to how I include the library, it should be written inside "" and not inside brackets <>


I have the same problem with files having .cc extension.. Did you solve it? if yes, please how did you solve it

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If you are using SystemC under Eclipse, see this to configrue Eclipse with SystemC library.

Thans a lot for replying. I have done it but the error is still the same. I am thinking that it could be the ordering in which the libraries are called. Do you know the right ordering? how could I set it?

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