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Virtual sequence & configuration db

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I am using a virtual sequence to control multiple sequencers, i am having trouble getting a configuration object from the database. Is there anything additional that has to be done to retrieve configuration objects from the configuration database, when using virtual sequences?

Ultimately I would like to use the configuration object to pass a task to allow the virtual sequence to wait for an IRQ,

I would connect the configuration objects virtual interface in the build phase of the test, thus allowing the task to wait for the IRQ

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Perhaps you can post the code you are using to set and get the configuration (along with the context)?

SystemVerilog tasks are not objects so they can't be passed directly via config.

Normally, I'd expect the "wait for IRQ" function to be implemented in a component and for a handle to that component to be given to the virtual sequencer during the connect_phase (where the sequence can later access it). Config is generally not used for such connections.

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