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  1. Hi Adiel, I'm able to get it running with VCS 2011.03. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. -- Nishanth
  2. Hi, I'm trying to compile the 'helloworld' program in uvm1.1 (simple examples) using vcs. I'm getting the following errors. I'm having : OS : Linux_x86_64 VCS : vcs-mx_vD-2010.06 I've set the UVM_HOME to the path $user/study/uvm-1.1 Can anyone please let me know if I'm missing anything? Error-[XMRE] Cross-module reference resolution error ../../../../src/base/uvm_phase.svh, 776 Error found while trying to resolve cross-module reference. token 'm_successors'. Originating package 'uvm_pkg'. Source info: pred.m_successors[begin_node] = 1; Error-[XMRE] Cross-module reference res
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