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  1. General question on Multiple IPs Is it correct that each IP provider will contribute their own SWKB databases to be compiled with others? Will the SWKBs be inspectable for completeness or correctness? How would conflicting entries be handled? Are there checks for tampering? page 7, line 14: Is it an eventual goal for the EDA tools to generate the Element objects? Does “created manually” mean tools can be internally developed or open-sourced? page 7, line 20-22: Does tool used for verifying data objects need to be the same tool used to generate data objects? Figure 4, Asset Definitions? Section 7.4: Can more examples be given regarding "Elements"? Are these like waveforms or lint-checker results? page 11, line 19: There is no "Ports" attribute in the APSO in Figure 5 but clarified in Table 6 four pages later. You should make this clarification sooner like done for "Name" and "Asset Name" on line 20.
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