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  1. yes, I tried it also with cmake as it is descriped in the subfolder. For SystemC 2.3.3 all test are failing due 'segmentation fault', too.(shown in LastTest.log in the attachments). Processor type is intel i5 __LP64__ due to cmake.
  2. Hey again, I tested the tests from systemC 2.3.2 with the same environment. Here only one test fails: 11 - examples/sysc/2.3/simple_async/simple_async (Failed) for the makefile build and the cmake build. Thats it's output: Start SystemC Fatal: (F4) assertion failed: sem_trywait == 0 In file: /Users/kwasigroch/Downloads/systemc-2.3.2/src/sysc/communication/sc_prim_channel.cpp:195 Info: (I99) simulation aborted Expected is the output(golden.log): Here cmake copies a empty expected log file. Start SystemC I'm busy! Asked to stop at time 10 ns Info: /OSCI/SystemC: Simulation stopped by user. The dog barks before the end of simulation Program completed Regards Sören Kwasigroch
  3. Hello, I wanted to build and install SystemC 2.3.3 on a Mac Catalania. I didn't called 'make install' yet due to the issue that 22 of 22 tests are failing. I checked the logs of some of the test and saw in all files that a 'segmentation fault' got thrown before producing output. While building it only throw 2 warnings see in the attachments. My environment details: OS: Mac Catalania 10.15.5 processor: intel i5 cmake found the type: __LP64__. build tool tried: make GNU Make 3.81 and cmake 3.18.1 (Therefore it should not make a different that I didn't called gmake but make instead) CXX = Apple clang version 11.0.3 in the attachment I copied the test-suit.log For cmake build the test suit also throws segmentation faults. What I found while ruining make for cmake, it thrown two errors in run_test.cmake first line 104: string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*stopped by user.*$" "" RUN_TRIMMED_LOG ${RUN_LOG}) and line 108: string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*stopped by user.*$" "" EXPECTED_TRIMMED_LOG "${EXPECTED_LOG}") message: 'string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments total to command.' Therefore I also post the 'LastTest.log to the attachment' Did you experienced this issue? Could you suggestions how to build it in a better way? I also noticed that the install.md file for SystemC 2.3.3 has the version number systemc 2.3.2. Is this a problem? Regards Sören Kwasigroch test-suite.log WarningsDuringBuild.rtf LastTest.log
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