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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to build and install SystemC 2.3.3 on a Mac Catalania. I didn't called 'make install' yet due to the issue that 22 of 22 tests are failing. I checked the logs of some of the test and saw in all files that a 'segmentation fault' got thrown before producing output. While building it only throw 2 warnings see in the attachments. My environment details: OS: Mac Catalania 10.15.5 processor: intel i5 cmake found the type: __LP64__. build tool tried: make GNU Make 3.81 and cmake 3.18.1 (Therefore it should not make a different that I didn't called gmake but make instead) CXX = Apple clang version 11.0.3 in the attachment I copied the test-suit.log For cmake build the test suit also throws segmentation faults. What I found while ruining make for cmake, it thrown two errors in run_test.cmake first line 104: string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*stopped by user.*$" "" RUN_TRIMMED_LOG ${RUN_LOG}) and line 108: string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*stopped by user.*$" "" EXPECTED_TRIMMED_LOG "${EXPECTED_LOG}") message: 'string sub-command REGEX, mode REPLACE needs at least 6 arguments total to command.' Therefore I also post the 'LastTest.log to the attachment' Did you experienced this issue? Could you suggestions how to build it in a better way? I also noticed that the install.md file for SystemC 2.3.3 has the version number systemc 2.3.2. Is this a problem? Regards Sören Kwasigroch test-suite.log WarningsDuringBuild.rtf LastTest.log
  2. When using clang++ (version 3.1 under cygwin/Windows) and SystemC 2.3, I get a coredump when killing a dynamically spawned process. The message is: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'sc_core::sc_unwind_exception' what(): KILL Aborted (core dumped) Using gcc/g++ works correctly. Any idea what is causing this? Attached a simple example to reproduce the coredump. SC_MODULE(x) { void f1() { sc_process_handle h2 = sc_spawn(sc_bind(&x::f2, this) ); wait(5, SC_MS); if (h2.valid()) h2.kill(); } void f2() { cout << "@" << sc_time_stamp() << ": A" << endl; wait(10, SC_MS); cout << "@" << sc_time_stamp() << ": B" << endl; } SC_CTOR(x) { sc_process_handle h1 = sc_spawn(sc_bind(&x::f1, this) ); }; }; int sc_main(int, char*[]) { x mod_x("x"); sc_start(); return 0; }
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