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  1. Ameya, the `tracefile->set_time_unit() is already set to 1ps resolution. The problem is probably in the code itself (2 different assignments in the same method). Still, I need to find where that happens. regards
  2. Hello, I get multiple such warnings during a long simulation: Warning: (W713) multiple VCD tracing cycles with the same time detected: units count: 548880661 Waveform viewers will only show the states of the last one. Use `tracefile->set_time_unit(double, sc_time_unit);' to increase the time resolution. I have 2 questions: Is there any way to get a hint which are the signals that are toggling at the same time? Is there any way to suppress the warnings? (until I solve this, the repetitive warnings make my log file to explode...) Regards, Aar
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