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  1. Thanks a lot Alan, Copying the source files from main directory to installed directory solved the issue. I am able to go inside simcontext.cpp and debug with breakpoints. I am not so much used to working debugging with Microsoft Visual Studio as I work mostly in linux. Is there any link(tutorial) for how to set up systemc libraries in any other IDE for linux(eclipse ?) as working with gdb can be difficult at times. Regards, Rohit
  2. Hi, I am trying to edit some systemc kernel code to improve the performance of simulation. But I need to be able to debug the code by going through the symbols of each file, so I add --enable_debug option while configuring. When I run the source code with -g option, I find that it is able to go and search the symbols of some files but not all. Like it is able to go inside sc_time.cpp if I use gdb but it is not able to go inside sc_simcontext.cpp where the main execute, update, notify phases occur. Can anyone help me what wold be the best way to go about changing the systemc code and debugging it ? Regards, Rohit
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