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is uvm_resource_db::set and uvm_resource_db::read_by_name fullly implememted?

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I try to use uvm_resource_db::set  and uvm_resource_db::read_by_name to pass the VIF, but failed. after debug , I find the cause is that the return of spell_check is hardcoded to FALSE. My question is why check_spell return false considering it is not implemented. Is uvm_resource_db::set and uvm_resource_db::read_by_name not fullly implememted, so that FALSE will provent user using uvm_resource_db? is it safe to hardcode it to always True here?


bool uvm_resource_pool::spell_check( const std::string& s ) const
  // TODO spelling checker
  //return uvm_spell_chkr<uvm_resource_types::rsrc_q_t>::check(rtab, s);
  return false; //dummy for now




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Hi Jerome,

On your behalf I've created an issue on Github (Missing implementation for uvm_resource_pool::spell_check · Issue #295 · OSCI-WG/uvm-systemc (github.com)), so the Accellera VWG can follow up on this.

Which company are you working for? If this company is Accellera member, you can request access to the Accellera repositories and workspaces.



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