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Is there any known issue with tlm::tlm_analysis_fifo? I get the following usage error:

tlm_analysis_fifo.h:43:11: error: 'nb_put' was not declared in this scope, and no declarations were found by argument-depe
      nb_put( t );

It suggests that it may need to be this->nb_put( t ).

CLearly, I can work around this by simply using the tlm_fifo directky, with negative size to mimick infinite depth, and then use nb_put directly or create my own write function around this call.

I'm suspicious of an issue here since also in the UVM-SC library the one intended usage of tlm_analysis_fifo in uvm_sequencer_param_base.h (line 55) is commented as a TODO item.

Can anyone pls advise.

Thanks - Hans

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I have since found the following link:


suggesting that this is a known issue (scroll down to the section on SystemC).

Could anyone confirm this, and possibly indicate whether there is a resolution planned for this.

Frankly, I am/was somewhat surprised to encounter this issue. I certainly thought that tlm_analysis_fifo was very much an established element of the TLM communication arsenal in SystemC.


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Only seeing these requests for a reproducable example now!
I suppose I can look to put that together although never easy and always laborious to do so in a manner that is readily shareable.
FOr this case though, isn't the reproducer simply as described under the aforementioned link:

logic/environment-setup-linux.md at master · tymonx/logic (github.com)

Under the SystemC section. Install SystemC 2.3.2 if ou don't already have done so. Then compile the library.

I don't recall if it trips right then, but if not, any code using tlm_analysis_fifo.h since the error is in this file itself, not only when you call nb_put in your user code.

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