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Use SystemC with Clang under Windows - fix Pointer corruption


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I just tried to use clang under windows to compile some SystemC projects and I experienced a pointer corruption of the instance pointer for the execution of a sc_thread. After some debugging I discovered, that the "hack" for older VS++ compilers referring to the macro "SC_USE_MEMBER_FUNC_PTR"  (see https://github.com/accellera-official/systemc/blob/604182509559ae42c34e878f508bae7c18abbbd6/src/sysc/kernel/sc_process.h#L120) will create working simulation binaries with clang (i.e. actually not defining the macro is doing the trick).

I actually also realized, that clang under Windows is not officially supported, which explains that it have not arisen yet. Nonetheless, adding here an additional compiler detection macro would be easy and would add (although quite untested) clang support for windows. I tried my fix for clang 10 and clang 12. I got the impression, that clang sometime in the past adapted to the "bad" msvc behavior and did not change it, although msvc got standard compliant. 

The fix for this problem would be quite easy:

#if defined(_MSC_VER) && !defined(__clang__)
#if ( _MSC_VER > 1200 )
#elif defined(_WIN32) && defined(__clang__)
//do not define SC_USE_MEMBER_FUNC_PTR


Additionally, I would propose to throw a warning in the CMakeLists, if using an unsupported compiler.

Do you like to get PullRequest on github?

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