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Quick Threads assembly for aarch64


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Hi, I have one question, I have files from quick thread and copyright is Copyright (c) 1993 by David Keppel,
that file is assembly file.
I want to make a new port for aarch64 or be informed if it is already written by Quick Thread people. 
I want to compile that file(s) using aarch64-linux-gnu-g+, but get error because that is not written for aarch64 yet.

here is the files attached.
Thanks in advance.

architecture.S architecture.hpp

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@maehne Very thank you for you reply, actually I have found the aarch64 and successfully compiled into my project.
Currently I am interested in the same thing but this time in Risc-V assembly QuickThreads, is it available?
Cause I can't find it on SystemC latest sources. And currently trying to implement it manually to my project ...

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