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conditions evaluated during generation or simulation

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I know this question had been asked for version-1 also, but is there some clarity/decision taken on whether the conditions of if-else (13.4.5) and repeat-while (13.4.2) statements should be evaluated during generation or during simulation?

In other words, should these conditional statements be generated into the target language, or will they be evaluated and the appropriate branch taken during generation itself?

I tried searching in the new document, but did not find any discussion/resolution on this topic. If it is already answered, please provide a link to that section.

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Hi Raj,

The answer is that it depends on what is involved in the expression and the capabilities of the tool. If the expression depends on run-time values, then clearly the expression must be evaluated at run-time and the generated code must reflect this.

For expressions that do not involve data from the environment, the tool could evaluate these up-front and factor these into the test generation process.

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