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Has anyone successfully installed uvm-systemc beta 3 library in macOS?

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I am trying to install uvm-systemc beta 3 in macOS Big Sur. The installation process seems to complete correctly but when running the checks all the tests fail. They do start running but at some point they stop and give a very simple error message. For example, here is the output of hello_world example:

     SystemC 2.3.3-Accellera --- Nov 15 2020 22:18:25
        Copyright (c) 1996-2018 by all Contributors,

   Universal Verification Methodology for SystemC (UVM-SystemC)
              Version: 1.0-beta3  Date: 2020-07-08
          Copyright (c) 2006 - 2020 by all Contributors
            See NOTICE file for all Contributors
                    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
         Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

UVM_INFO ../../../src/uvmsc/base/uvm_root.cpp(343) @ 0 s: reporter [UVMTOP] UVM testbench topology:
Name         Type                Size  Value
top          top                 -     -
  consumer   consumer<T>         -     -
  producer1  uvm::uvm_component  -     -
  producer2  uvm::uvm_component  -     -

UVM_INFO @ 0 s: reporter [RNTST] Running test ...
UVM_INFO producer.h(55) @ 0 s: top.producer1 [producer1] Starting.
UVM_INFO producer.h(73) @ 0 s: top.producer1 [producer1] Sending producer1-0
UVM_INFO producer.h(55) @ 0 s: top.producer2 [producer2] Starting.
UVM_INFO producer.h(73) @ 0 s: top.producer2 [producer2] Sending producer2-0
zsh: abort      ./test

It seems all processes run at least once but when the kernel advances the simulation something goes wrong.

Has anyone seen this behaviour? Were you able to determine the its cause?

Thanks for your help.

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