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sensitive list for customized sc_channel


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I implemented the customized sc_channel 

struct T {

sc_uint<2> a;

sc_uint<2> b;


class write_me : virtual public sc_interface {
     virtual void write(T &d) = 0;
class read_me : virtual public sc_interface {
     virtual T read() = 0;

class channel_me : public sc_channel, public write_me, public read_me {
     channel_me (sc_module_name name) : sc_channel(name) {}

     void write(T &d) {data = d;}

     T read(){ return T(data);}

     T data;

in my module, I have one SC_METHOD(comb) as below

sc_port<read_me> rd;

sc_signal< sc_uint<2> > s_a;

sc_signal< sc_uint<2> > s_b;

void comb() {

s_a.write( rd.read().a);




But then there is one such warning. I understand it is complaining "sensitive << rd;" but there is no sensitive list for rd. 

Is there any one who has better suggestions?

Warning: (W116) channel doesn't have a default event 


In addition, I think my aim is to implement the same thing in the thread https://forums.accellera.org/topic/5956-why-there-is-no-standard-interface-class-in-systemc/

Please do suggest what can be a better coding style. 


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