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Valgrind run on SystemC library.


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I am running valgrind on my application which is using SystemC library(2.3.1). I see multiple erors reported from SystemC library. Most of it looks like below:-


Invalid write of size 4
 by 0x2C165306: void InputInterface<cwr2rrh_t, 56u>::get<cwr2rrh_write>(cwr2rrh_write&) (sim_input.h:344)

Use of uninitialised value of size 8
xxxxx::Event::await() const (sim_sync.h:29)


Invalid read of size 4
by 0x2BA6C525: sc_core::sc_spawn_object<Tasker::MethodFunction<CropCOMP> >::semantics() (sc_spawn.h:83)


Did anyone noticed it before? Is there any changes added in the library to suppress these valgrind errors? Any inputs are highly appreciated. 


Thanks in advance.

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sim_input.h:344 and sim_sync.h:29 points to your code and the issue reported from sc_spawn_object is very likely caused via inlining from your Tasker::MethodFunction<> class.  So you will need to look into your code to address these particular reports.

 For SystemC 2.3.1, the are some known Valgrind reports, most of which should have been addressed in SystemC 2.3.3.

Greetings from Duisburg,

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