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Warnings of SystemC with pedantic CMake


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I have 2 suggestions for the current SystemC reference implementation. I started to use pandantic compiling option for my project and this throws many warnings in SystemC headers. Altough it's annoying but there many simple fixes for unused variables. For base classes where you don't use the proposed parameter like here (one random example)

../systemc-lib/src/tlm_core/tlm_2/tlm_generic_payload/tlm_gp.h:349:57: warning: unused parameter 'ext' [-Wunused-parameter]
template <typename T> void clear_extension(const T* ext)

you can simply switch to this one

template <typename T> void clear_extension(const T* /*ext*/)

If you want I can do a pushRequest for this on github.


But maybe you are not interested in this, than you could at least make it easy for users of CMake to not print them, if they compile their code. The simplest approach for this is to change the CMakelists.txt in src from




kind regards


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Interesting, I'm not an expert in CMake, but even with existing CMakeLists.txt when I build my application SystemC include directory is recognized automatically as system headers:


/usr/bin/clang++   -isystem /home/ripopov/distrib/systemc/include  -Wall -Wpedantic -g   -pthread -std=gnu++11 -o CMakeFiles/test_systemc.dir/main.cpp.o -c /home/ripopov/work/personal/test_systemc/main.cpp

And as a result I don't receive any warnings about issues in SystemC headers.

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