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Immediate self-notification handling


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I am using a FIFO in my design and in some cases I need to push back the slightly modified content to the FIFO.

 I understand that sending immediate self-notification  should be avoided. To do so, I modified the sample FIFO code as

     void write(FIFO_t* c) {
       if (num_elements == max)

       data[(first + num_elements) % max] = c;
       ++ num_elements;
//       wait(SCTIME_CLOCKTIME); // Avoid immediate notification

In the combination shown above,  I receive no warning. However, when I define the notification time by the wait() (now commented out)  and notify() brackets are empty, I receive the warning

Warning: (W536) immediate self-notification ignored as of IEEE 1666-2011:

My guess was that the two cases are equivalent. What is the difference? Maybe only the syntax is checked and not the time difference?

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