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SC 2.3.3, Visual Studio 2017: Exception thrown


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I have successful installation of SystemC 2.3.3 on Visual Studio 2017.

All the enclosed examples compile and run successful.

However, when I create a simple example (listed here: https://www.edaplayground.com/x/5UHA, un-comment lines 4 and 5 in testbench.cpp ), it throws an exception.

The exception is thrown at line:


And the exception thrown is


    if ( dynamic_cast<sc_module*>(host_p) != 0 && sc_is_running() )
        report_error( SC_ID_MODULE_METHOD_AFTER_START_, "" );
        sc_abort(); // can't recover from here

in file "sc_method_process.cpp".

The example runs okay on the EDA Playground, which I believe uses g++.

Any tips to resolve this on VS2017?

Thank you.

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I'm in a similar situation, but I couldn't even get the examples to run: compiler couldn't find the systemC include files. Should the build have updated the appropriate environment variable?

I don't know anything about running Visual Studio (usually run Linux but not possible in this case.) I saw in the install notes about setting an environment variable to point to the include files and libraries. Do I need to do this? I also found in Visual Studio about setting project sheets and such. Each thing I looked at seemed to be saying "this is the old way of doing this. Do this other instead." 

Running Windows 10, VS 2017. 


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