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Use of callback before_end_of_elaboration

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I have a question about how to use the callback before_end_of_elaboration.

For example, I have a top module and a submodule. The submodule takes an input "a" and I would like to use this input to initialize an vector in its constructor.


SC_MODULE(sub_module) {

    sc_in<sc_uint<10> >                                             a;

    sc_vector<sc_signal<sc_uint<4> > >                  b;

    SC_CTOR(sub_module) {





SC_MODULE(top) {

    sub_module                                                       *sub_module_nm;

    SC_CTOR(top) {

        sub_module_nm = new sub_module("sub_module_nm");





As you can see, I perforemed the port binding in the top module(which is what I usually do). But from my understanding, I can not access to input "a" unless I perform the port binding in the before_end_of_elaboration() callback of submodule. And my question is how to do the port binding in the submodule rather than at top level so I could perform some initialization after the port has been bound.




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As I understood you want to read value from port during elaboration process?  

This is not how ports are supposed to be used. They are simulation-time mechanism.  If you want to initialize a vector with some value, why don't you just pass it as a constructor parameter?


    sub_module(::sc_core::sc_module_name, int  a ) {



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Hi Roman,

Thanks for your reply.

Now I'm little confused by the elaboration and simulation process. Actually I'm trying to initialize the sc_vector with a value that is calculated during simulation-time, is this allowed in SystemC? 

From your reply, it seems that the initialization of sc_vector can only happen at elaboration process.

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Thanks Roman, a similar question:

When exactly the elaboration and simulation process starts in SystemC? From my understanding, the elaboration starts when I instantiate the top module in sc_main and simulation starts when I call "sc_start" function.

I failed to find the answer in SystemC IEEE_1666 stardard reference manual, could you please give me some hints?

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In a current implementation sc_start() finishes elaboration and starts simulation. You can look into source code for details. But at very high level you can think of sc_start like this:

void sc_start() {
	finish_elaboration(); // complete binding, call before_end_of_elaboration
	start_simulation();   // start scheduler

I recommend to run sc_start() in debugger step-by-step to understand what happens inside.

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