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LRM: Writing to locked params

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I think that the explanation of setting values with password could be improved.

void cci_param_if::set_cci_value(const cci_value &, const void* pwd, const cci_originator& orig);

There are some statements saying that 'Writes to a locked parameter are rejected'. But with the pwd overload of set_cci_value, it is possible to write to a locked parameter without being rejected.

The LRM should be more clear about this:

Will the param be unlocked temporarily or not? If not, user needs to be aware that write callbacks can occur and latest originator can change even in locked state.

Another aspect is reset: Should it be allowed to reset a locked param without password?




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Ralph, thanks for your thorough review and very helpful feedback. The CCI WG agrees with your suggestions and will incorporate them into the LRM. reset() has no effect on a locked parameter (requiring that it explicitly be unlocked first) and we intend to add an example that demonstrates this.

Thanks again,
Trevor Wieman
CCI WG Chair

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