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LRM: Typos and minor issues

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While reading through the LRM in the CCI review release, I observed some typos and minor issues. They might be known already, but I wanted to mention them here for completeness.


1. missing '_' in listings

The underscore character is not printed in some of the names of types and methods in some listings, e.g. in Section 5.4.1 class cci_originator, 5.4.2 cci_param_if, ...

2. missing ';' in listing in Section

No semicolon at end of second line in the get_cci_value listing

3. NULL vs. nullptr

Since C++11 is presumed as minimum supported standard, nullptr could be used instead of NULL




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Hi Ralph,

We greatly appreciate your eagle eye review. The CCI WG will fix #2 and apply the substitution you've suggested in #3. For #1 we've tried generating the PDF using a different tool that seems to help; we've emailed you a copy to see if you can confirm improved visibility of the underscores.

Thanks for the feedback!

Best regards,
Trevor Wieman
CCI WG Chair

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