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Can tell why this program not running?

Ganesan R

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Dear Sir,


I am new to System C. The problem is number of forums offering support to system c problems are few. As such I want help in understanding why this elementary program is not compiling. It returns  error C2039: 'con_arrayfifo' : is not a member of 'arrayfifo'.


Now the program:


#include <systemc.h>
    SC_CTOR(arrayfifo) {



void arrayfifo::con_arrayfifo (void) {

    //delcare the fifo
    //sc_fifo<int> rowfifo[n];


int sc_main(int , char*[] )
    int m,n;
    cout << "Sadguru Jai Jai \n";
    cout << "Enter the value of m: \t";
    cin >> m;
    cout << "Enter the value of n: \t";
    cin >> n;
    cout << m <<"\t" << n <<"\n";
    arrayfifo arrayfifo1("arr_fifo");
    //sc_fifo<int> rowfifo[n];
    return 0;


The commented lines are intentional to find out why this program is not compiling.

Thanks in advance for your patience and reply back.


R. Ganesan


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