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Suppress warnings when using gtest with SystemC


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I want to test the basic functionality of my design with gtest. It does not have yet the SystemC functionality, but heavily uses SystemC modules and data structures. I create a fresh copy of my top-level module for the individual gtests, and receive tons of warnings that I already defined an module with that name. It is harmless, but annoying. Any idea, how can I suppress it?


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I agree with Roman that UVM-SystemC is the way to go in the long run. 

In the meantime, you should be able to avoid the observed warnings by passing globally unique module names to the modules and sc_objects you are creating across all tests. This should satisfy the hierarchical name registry of SystemC. To my knowledge, the latter does not keep track of deallocation of sc_objects and thus that its corresponding hierarchical name is not anymore used. Be aware though that you may run into other surprises as the SystemC kernel is currently not able to fully restart from scratch elaboration and simulation.

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