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yosri ben salah

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CMake is also able to generate a Visual Studio 2015 project.

However, the risc_cpu example is maybe not a good starting point for what you want to achieve. It lacks a full C toolchain for compiling code into its machine code. Only a basic assembler is provided. Have a look to, e.g., SoCLib for a platform for modeling microprocessor systems using SystemC.

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Concerning SoCLib, could you please offer a good tutorial (I mean other than the two provided under this title)? Even I was not able to find out what that library is exactly good for. It is OK, that some files were touched last time nearly 10 years ago, that the documentation is half French/half English, usually the /doc subdirs are empty, the source files do not contain any useful comments, etc. Even with a good starting point, it is a kind of reverse engineering, without it is hopeless. To use some IPs with some of my new own IPs, it is mission impossible.



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