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Is there any way to reset SystemC registration?


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I want to make some static testing (like complex submodule names are properly assembled or some utility modules work as expected), SystemC unrelated, using gtest. In the SetUp() and TearDown() methods I define individual environments for the individual tests. I receive tons of messages that the object already defined. What is true, but I want exactly test different instances. Can I reset SystemC somehow or switch off registering the objects when unit testing? (I say again, it is not SystemC related functionality, but embedded in mainly SystemC source files)




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The current SystemC proof-of-concept implementation does not support complete reinitialization of its simulation kernel, which would be needed for the use case outlined by you. Elaboration is done only a single time at which point the design hierarchy gets fixed. I would suggest that you have a look at the object traversal API offered by sc_core::sc_object (see clause 5.16) and all classes deriving from it. This should allow you to easily check your instance names for different test cases.

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