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validating xml files


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I am new to XML and new to IP-XACT, so please forgive me for this newbie question.


I want to create some IP-XACT from a tool. I want to ensure that this output is valid according to your schema.  I think the tool to use is xmllint.


So before I went and tried to write code that will generate IP-XACT XML, I tried to do validate the examples that are in the recent spec for IP-XACT  IEEE Std 1685-2014.


I downloaded the spec and extracted the first example from Annex I on pages 471- 473.  I saved the example in my home directory as "~/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml".  I have attached it below.



I then tried to use xmllint to validate the file:


xmllint --format --pretty 1 --load-trace --debug --schema "http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/2.0/index.xsd"~/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml


Which failed like this:

http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/2.0/index.xsd:92:parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: link line 46 and head
http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/2.0/index.xsd:117:parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: img line 117 and a
ra.png" border="0" alt="Accellera Systems Initiative" class="img-responsive"></a



So I downloaded the xsd files from the web an stored them in a local folder (/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLSchema).  I tried again:

xmllint --format --pretty 1 --load-trace --debug --schema /tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/index.xsd ~/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml


This time the schema is loaded as far as I can tell:


Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/index.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/busDefinition.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/identifier.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/simpleTypes.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/autoConfigure.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/xml.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/subInstances.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/commonStructures.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/port.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/constraints.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/signalDrivers.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/file.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/fileType.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/generator.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/component.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/busInterface.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/abstractionDefinition.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/memoryMap.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/model.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/design.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/designConfig.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/catalog.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/tools/ip-xact/2014/XMLschema/abstractor.xsd" ID="(null)"
Loaded URL="/home2/iperryman/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml" ID="(null)"


But it still fails:


/home2/iperryman/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml:8: element abstractionDefinition: Schemas validity error : Element '{http://www.accellera.org/XMLSchema/IPXACT/2.0}abstractionDefinition':No matching global declaration available for the validation root.
/home2/iperryman/xml_fun/rtl_test.xml fails to validate

Can you tell me if this is the expected method for validating code.  If so, then is there something wrong with the example in the spec, and if not, what is the normal way to validate that generated code conforms to the schema.





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Hello iperryman,

First, Annex I is informative and not normative.

The schema namespace and location in the example should use 1685-2014 instead of 2.0. Consider this a bug in the document. I don't think the committee intended to release the 2.0 version of the schema. Regardless, 2.0 schema location doesn't work.

Second, the schema location attribute itself is incorrect.

Third, copying text out of a PDF file is not reliable. I had to fix the file I copying output document to get it to pass.

Parsing and generating IP-XACT files is quite complex. Please consider commercially available solutions.

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Thank you Richard 


With your feed back I was able to validate the file.


I understand that the section of the document is "informative".  However, I believe the spirit of the Annex is to provide a worked example. Perhaps the committee will find a  place to publish the examples (and corrections to them).  


I have attached the "repaired" version of the file which does validate for anyone else who happens to fall down this rabbit hole.


Best regards,



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