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SystemC Install / Dropbox / ' (' in pathname


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I was building 2.3.1 on OSX Yosemite (10.10.5) using Apple xcode compiler.


I was doing this in my Dropbox area. I have both a personal and a corporate Dropbox account so they name the directories:


/Users/login/Dropbox (Personal)

/Users/login/Dropbox (Company)


This installation fails with shell complaining about "(". Yes, there's both a space and a set of parens in the file name.


If I create a symbolic link /Users/login/Dropbox-Company to /Users/login/Dropbox (Company) and do the work through this link, installation works properly. Make install and make check succeed (lots of warnings, but it works).


I don't know if this is an issue with autoconf or with SystemC. I've submitted a bug to autoconf as well. Note that SystemC 2.3.1 is using the latest autoconf (2.69).


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