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Information required on SC_STOP

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Hi All,

For certain drivers testing I have a model in which, my init threads starts the systemC kernel. Now I have a scenario where, I call sc_stop at end of one test case. Now I need to call systemC kernel again for the next test case (everything In the same process.) But what I notice is that sc_stop, doesn't completely kill all the threads. I mean it doesn't clean up things properly and I see a lot of orphan threads, which is not allowing me to start the systemC kernel. 


My questions is, Will sc_stop cleanly exit and send SIGKILL to all threads or it just simply waits for process to exit. Can there any modification done inside systemC kernel, in order to reuse systemC model multiple times in a single process?


PS: My model has to inovke systemC kernel from a thread context. Design cannot be changed to test drivers over VP model.
Any suggestions are welcome!


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