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Passing parameters via hierarchy


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I'm investigating using IP-XACT to define a hierarchy of configurable components and I've run into an issue that I can't decipher from the specs.


Is it possible via IP-XACT to pass a dynamically configured value down the hierarchy to multiple components?


For example, say I have two components, compA and compB, with parameters dataBusWidthA and dataBusWidthB that should be the same value. CompA's model defines a view which references a hierarchical design that instantiates compB. I can define compB's dataBusWidthB parameter via a configurableElementValue if I know what value it needs to be. However, in this case, I can't assign compB.dataBusWidthB to a specific value because the parent component, compA, also has a programmable dataBusWidthA.


Is there a mechanism that allows this to be done in the IP-XACT schema?

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The answer depends on which version of the schema you are using. If you are using the 2009 schema, there is no way to get from a component at one level to a lower level component. This is now available in the new 2014 schema. In particular take a look at the new schema in the views.

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Thanks Mark.


I have been working with both schemas and keep getting thrown off by the differences, I'll have to focus on 2014 schema some more.


Just to clarify, are you referring to the changes to add the component/design/designConfig instantiation references within the views in the model of a component? Or the fact that the configurableElementValues have been moved inside the view element within designConfigurations?


Both things seem relevant, but I haven't had a chance to break down the implications of these changes.

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