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Issue with Virtual platform integration


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hello ,


I have a virtual platform(versatilepb based) which I am using to validate my Universal flash subsystem(UFS) host controller TLM model.
From OS, when it issue SCSI command, the underlying ufshcd driver make a data packet and put in in system memory. The system memory is allocated using dmam_alloc_coherent. The driver also write the starting address of this memory in UFS host controller register.  You can see this driver  in linux-3.17.2/drivers/scsi/ufs

Now when in TLM model I read that register, I get the correct address bus when I try to access this address as
uint8_t data1 = *( uint8_t *) (address);
I am getting segmentation fault.

My question is can I directly access system memory address in TLM model as I am doing above or I need to do something special.


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