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Advanced OVM 2 UVM Migration using Refactoring Scripts in DVT

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One of the new nice features in DVT is the capability to use refactoring scripts. A refactoring script is a set of code transformations and annotations which you can apply on your source code. For instance, such a script can define all the changes required to migrate between OVM and UVM libraries, or between library versions.

Example code transformations:

  • rename method 'boo.foo()' to 'moo()'
  • rename class 'foo' to 'boo'
  • rename macro 'WIDTH' to 'BUS_WIDTH'

Example code annotations:

  • comment all places where I use class 'foo' with 'FIXME: unsupported class'
  • comment all places where I use field 'foo.moo' with 'FIXME: use the get_ API'
  • comment all places where I use method 'foo.moo() with 'FIXME: method signature changed'

A refactoring script is defined using XML. You can take a look at the OVM2.1.1 to UVM1.0EA Migration Script which AMIQ contributed to UVM World.

For more details about refactoring scripts in DVT see the DVT Refactoring Scripts Documentation.

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