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Building on Windows using gcc - compiler vs. environment #ifdefs


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I've been using SystemC for years on Linux with gcc and Windows with Visual Studio.  I decided to try it out in Eclipse on windows with the Cygwin environment.


Several problems have popped up.  For example there are #ifdefs around defining data types supported by the compiler, such as __int64 in the Microsoft compiler versus long long elsewhere.  However these are defined based on the _WIN32 predefined macro.


That's not really correct, it should be defined based on the compiler type - in this case using _MSC_VER instead of _WIN32.


Example from sc_nbdefs.cpp



// Support for the long long type. This type is not in the standard
// but is usually supported by compilers.
#if !defined(_WIN32) || defined(__MINGW32__)
const uint64 UINT64_ZERO   = 0ULL;
const uint64 UINT64_ONE    = 1ULL;
const uint64 UINT64_32ONES = 0x00000000ffffffffULL;
const uint64 UINT64_ZERO   = 0i64;
const uint64 UINT64_ONE    = 1i64;
const uint64 UINT64_32ONES = 0x00000000ffffffffi64;
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Although Cygwin is not among the most widely tested platforms for the Accellera SystemC proof-of-concept simulator, the current version 2.3.1 has been tested successfully on

  • Windows 7 SP1 (WoW64), (Cygwin 1.7.17)
    • GNU C++ compiler versions gcc-3.4.4 through gcc-4.3.4 (x86)

Please provide at least

  • SystemC version
  • platform (version), compiler (version), flags
  • compile/runtime warnings and errors

AFAIK, the _WIN32 macro tells that you're using the Windows API.  Using the Windows API implies that you have support for __int64 and the like.

Do you define _WIN32 explicitly on the command-line?  Why?  Cygwin does not provide this symbol by default.


Greetings from Oldenburg,

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