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Context switching


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hello ,

I have a systemC model where i using two independent func ...these function have priority processing ..

so i case a higher priority requests comes context swtiching happens with resp to current processing  ..


Any way to implement context switching w.r.t systemC 

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Your question is not pretty much clear to me, let me try to answer it still.


Context Switching: is the process of storing and restoring the state (context) of a process so that execution can be resumed from the same point at a later time.


So if you want the local members of the function to be used in other function :

1. then you have to make it global and used between the two

2. In case  wanted to supply the updated values to other function: it will get that if both the functional calls are in different delta cycles.



P.S: by function here I am SC_METHOD or normal functional call executed in zero time, that would be executed in zero time.


You need not to take care of context switching , the simulator does itself, that is the COOPERATIVE MULTITASKING , as in case of resumption of process implemented as SC_THREAD.


If not answer of your question , kindly elaborate it further.




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