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Describing register map relative and non-fixed offsets


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I have a register map along the following lines:


          Byte offset  |  Register Name  |  Description
 0x00                  |  width          |  Width (in bits) of structure
 0x04                  |  height         |  Number of rows
 0x08                  |  offset         |  Offset of the structures

       ********** Variable sized gap **********

 $offset               |  Item 1         |  First structure
 $offset + 4           |  Item 2         |  Second structure
 $offset + 4 * N       |  Item N         |  Nth structure
 $offset + $height *N  |  Last item      |  Final structure

The software will read the width, height and offset registers and run-time and use these to determine the layout of the dynamic part of the component address space.  As far as I can see from the IP-XACT specification, there's no way to describe a dynamic register layout (or unknown until run-time).


Does anybody have a suggestion for how to achieve this is the cleanest way?






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