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Problem with sc_create_vcd_trace_file


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Hi to everybody,


I am new to the SystemC world and I have some difficulties. I am trying to create a vcd file where I can see all my signals. The program compiles without any errors however the vcd file is not created in the project folder or anywhere else. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. 

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First of all thank you for the quick response. 

  1. Yes I had added signals
  2. I am not sure what you mean but I have no errors during compilation and when I run the program everything works fine\
  3. Yes

I also run various examples from the internet using trace files but none of the worked. For example : 


#include <systemc.h>
#include "ror.h"
int sc_main(int argc, char* argv[])
   //   sc_signal<sc_lv<8> > din, dout1, dout2;
    sc_signal<sc_uint<8> > din, dout1, dout2;
    sc_clock clk("clk",10,SC_NS,0.5,10,SC_NS,false);    // Create a clock signal
    ror DUT("ror");                     // Instantiate Device Under Test
    sc_trace_file *fp;                  // Create VCD file
    fp=sc_create_vcd_trace_file("wave");// open(fp), create wave.vcd file
    fp->set_time_unit(100, SC_PS);      // set tracing resolution to ns
    sc_trace(fp,clk,"clk");             // Add signals to trace file
    sc_start(20, SC_NS);                // Run simulation
    sc_start(20, SC_NS);                // Run simulation
    sc_start(20, SC_NS);                // Run simulation
    sc_start(20, SC_NS);                // Run simulation
    sc_close_vcd_trace_file(fp);        // close(fp)
    return 0;
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You code looks ok on the first glance.


The trace file should appear in the directory from where you start the executable (which is not necessarily the directory of the "project").


Which compiler do you use?  Which operating system?


You can try to open a command prompt in the folder of the generated executable and start the simulation from there.



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Ok i found the problem. 

1) First mistake i made was that I was only building the program and not executing it. 

2) If you execute the program from the .exe file the vcd file will apear in a different folder than the one that will apear if you run the program from the Visual studio. 

Thank you again Philipp!!! I know that my mistake was a little bit dummy but I am trying to learn.  

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