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IO port by reference


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Hi All,

Can I pass a reference to IO port?

The code below results in a Modelsim error which I suspect is because of the sc_out reference


    sc_in<bool >    clk;
    sc_in<bool >    reset;
    sc_in<bool >      dbusin;
    sc_out<bool >     dbusout;
    void doff(const sc_core::sc_in<bool>pin, sc_core::sc_out<bool>&pout) {
    void entry_clk() { 
        while(true) {

    SC_CTOR(PROC3) {

# ** Error: (vsim-6511) Insert port failed: simulation running: port '/proc3_tb/DUT/entry_clk/port_0' (sc_port_base)
# In process: /proc3_tb/DUT/entry_clk @ 55 ns


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Can I pass a reference to IO port?


Yes, you can (no pun intended).


    void doff(const sc_core::sc_in<bool>pin, sc_core::sc_out<bool>&pout) {


Here, you try to pass pin by value, which invokes a (deprecated, non-naming) copy-constructor, taking a non-const reference to dbusin.  Since the simulation is already running (as it is said in the error message), this port creation fails.


Add the missing & to pass pin by const-reference (as probably intended anyway).



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