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attoseconds handling in systemC


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yes, the time resolution is limited to femtoseconds in IEEE 1666-2011.  It is even guaranteed that SC_FS = 0, which means you can't easily add an SC_AS to your own implementation without the risk of breaking models relying on the SC_[timeunit] enum values (provided that you even have access to the sc_time source code).


Do you need these small time values for event notifications and/or delays?  Then you're currently out of luck.  In case you can control the overall simulation, then you can "slow down" the simulated time by a factor of 1000, interpreting seconds as microseconds.  But this is of course dangerous, since some parts of the model may rely on the physical meaning of e.g. sc_time.to_seconds() values.


If you need this small resolution for internal computations only, you can resort to your own time type with small conversion functions from/to sc_time, e.g. based on the to_seconds() function returning a plain double (and therefore relying on its physical meaning as well, see above).


Greetings from Oldenburg,

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Hi Philipp,


Thanks for the reply. Hope you are doing good.


 I am not going to have anything SC_AS in breaking the exisiting flow.


I am already doing with the standard C++/ C (with the help of time_t factor) with internal computation as you mentioned. But i am converting to handle at simulation point (using systemC) than local system time perspective, so thought of using with small delay factor for the sampling. Anyway i will try as you mentioned with the small conversion.


Thank you once again. Have a nice weekend!




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