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Assignment to bool data type


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Hello All,


Whats the difference if I assign a value true to any bool type instead of using 1???


As per my knowledge it is better to use true instead of 1 from the point of view of that compiler would easily understand it . -- M i correct here  Q:1 


Does it also reduce the time taken to execute the program as it reduces the implicit conversion for data type usability : ------- M i correct here Q2:


Have a look at the above statement and verify it . In case of any other reason please state it.

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This is not a SystemC-specific question.


In C++, the data type bool has either the value "true" or "false", which are by definition converted to 1 or 0, respectively, when the boolean value is converted to an integer. Inversely, a non-zero integer value is always converted to true and a zero value converted to false.


This relation between boolean values and integers allows for an optimal implementation of conditional statements using the conditional jump statement from the instruction set of a common microprocessor. Therefore, the impact of an implicit conversion between integer and booleans should usually not be noticeable in the execution performance of a program.


"true" and "false" communicate much better your intent than some magical numerical constant.

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