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Datatypes - Interface SystemC - VHDL


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I'm working in a project where I must connect a testbench SystemC with a Hardware described in VHDL.

So in VHDL side I have

a type:

TX_LEN_ARRAY is array (0 to 16-1) of std_logic_vector(16-1 downto 0);

In SystemC side I have

sc_core::sc_in<sc_dt::sc_lv<16>> tx_len_tg_wra[16];

I have encountered some errors. And so I wonder if the data types are equivalent?


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Short answer: No, they are not equivalent.

Longer answer:

1: Co-Simulation depends on the tool you are using. Without knowing the tool, it is hard to help you.

2: You declare two different things. In VHDL, assuming you have a port of the given type, you declare *one* port. The inner type of this port is an array of logic_vectors. In SystemC, you declare an array of ports, i.e. 16 ports. The inner type of each of them is sc_lv<16>.

3: I'm not sure if co-simulation supports things like that. AFAIK Modelsim does not support user-defined port types at the Co-simulation boundary (and your array is a user-defined type). And I think that arrays of ports are not supported as well (Modelsim matches the names of individual ports and array elements do not have actual names).

4: Minor issue: sc_logic/sc_lv and std_logic/std_logic_vector are not exactly the same. The first is 4-value logic with SystemC semantics, the second is 7-value logic, a resolved type and VHDL semantics.

Possible solution:

Have a look at the port type mapping rules of your co-simulation tool.

If user-defined types/multidimensional arrays are not supported, you can write a simple wrapper around your VHDL model.

In the wrapper, you can concat your array to a single 16 * 16 logic_vector and rearrange it in SystemC (Take care of the array directions). Or you replace the single port with 16 individual port of type logic_vector.



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