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member ‘delayed’


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when i try to compile this exeample of systemc


#include "systemc.h"

SC_MODULE (first_counter) {
  sc_in_clk     clock ;      // Clock input of the design
  sc_in <bool>   reset ;      // active high, synchronous Reset input
  sc_in <bool>   enable;      // Active high enable signal for counter
  sc_out<sc_uint<4> > counter_out; // 4 bit vector output of the counter

  //------------Local Variables Here---------------------
  sc_uint<4>    count;

  //------------Code Starts Here-------------------------
  // Below function implements actual counter logic
  void incr_count () {
    // For threads, we need to have while true loop
    while (true) {
      // Wait until rest is true or enable is true
      // Every wait_until delays execution by one clock.pos()
      wait_until(reset.delayed() == true || enable.delayed() == true);
      if (reset.read() == 1) {
        count =  0;
      // If enable is active, then we increment the counter
      } else if (enable.read() == 1) {
        count = count + 1;
  } // End of function incr_count

  // Below functions prints value of count when ever it changes
  void print_count () {
    while (true) {
      cout<<"@" << sc_time_stamp() <<
        " :: Counter Value "<<counter_out.read()<<endl;

  // Constructor for the counter
  // Since this counter is a positive edge trigged one,
  // We trigger the below block with respect to positive
  // edge of the clock
  SC_CTOR(first_counter) {
    // Edge sensitive to clock
    SC_CTHREAD(incr_count, clock.pos());
    // Level Sensitive to change in counter output
    sensitive << counter_out;
  } // End of Constructor

}; // End of Module counter



this message is show :



sc_in<bool> has no member named ‘delayed’


thank you in advance

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The delayed signal member function (part of global/local "watching") has been deprecated during the standardization of SystemC already for 1666-2005 and is dropped since SystemC 2.2.


See http://www.doulos.com/knowhow/systemc/deprecated/ for some more information.



Greetings from Oldenburg,


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