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sc_trace for all sc_signal,sc_in, sc_out


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I have a query regarding sc_trace.


Is it possible to have directly get all the signals and ports dumped into the VCD file.

I am trying something like this in sc_main:


Top top1("top1");

sc_trace_file *tf = sc_create_vcd_trace_file("waveforms");
sc_simcontext *context = sc_get_curr_simcontext();
sc_object *optr = context->first_object();
while(optr) {
    if (std::string(optr->kind()) == "sc_signal") optr->trace(tf);        
    optr = context->next_object();


With this I am not getting anything into the waveforms.vcd.

Could anyone please suggest the correct way to do the above.


Thanks for the help.



Samyak Jaroli

Student, India

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There has been a discussion on tracing all signals (and ports) in a design in this forum before, see http://forums.accellera.org/topic/138-why-sc-object-menber-function-trace-deprecated/

Short answer: sc_object::trace is not part of the IEEE 1666 SystemC standard and won't work the way you expect.

Secondly, sc_simcontext is also not part of the standard. You should not use it within your designs. To traverse the SystemC object hierarchy, use the sc_get_top_level_objects() and [sc_object::get_child_objects()[/i] functions. An example can be found in the thread linked above.

Greetings from Oldenburg,


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Hello, I've created a script for GDB that automatically calls sc_trace for all signals, ports and plain member variables.  It requires a small patch for SystemC library: moving some sc_trace definitions from .h to .cpp so they are not in-lined or garbage collected.  

Here it is:


Since I've tested it only with my design, it may be buggy. Please report any issues on github.

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