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how to get the siumulation time of a specific step with ovp..

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Hey everyone. I´m a newbie in this area. 


Recently I´m trying to do something with systemC, TLM and OVP..What I´m doing is to

1. model the adc, gpio, memory, uart..(peripherals of ARM-Cortex-M3) with systemC

2. let the adc do some simple tasks and gather the simulation time for a specific step. I guess sc_time_stamp() is a good stuff for gathering the starting and endling time..

3. give the simulation time the specific current consumption of each peripherals and the cortex..


What´s confusing for me is that


1. when I should put the start time label, and end time label. since there is b_transport between the peripherals and cortex m3. 

2. I´m using efm32TG-stk3300. it´s datasheet (http://cdn.energymicro.com/dl/devices/pdf/d0011_efm32tg840_datasheet.pdf,  page 26) gives me some details about how the adc on the board works. there are input current, average active current, current consumption of internal voltage reference. Just not sure, which one is for what state. Or there are any two states, idel(input current, current consumption of internal voltage reference), and active (input current, average active current, current consumption of internal voltage reference)?


I hope I have made my question clearly


thanks in advance

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