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  1. The issue is that we cannot use sc_main() with the legacy code. We would like to use the main() function and communicate with systemC.
  2. Hi I am providing a systemC model to another team that uses a non-systemC legacy model. The idea is to include systemC libraries and then replace the legacy main() function with systemC's sc_main() so that sc_start() command could be called. Here is an sketch: sc_main () { // legacy code here // instantiate/initial systemC modules // systemC code sc_start(sim_time); sc_stop(); // process systemC output with the legacy code } For various reasons, the other team is not willing to replace the main() function with sc_main(). One obvious way is to make the systemC portion an executable and call it from main(). But this requires file I/O that would slow down the sim. I was wondering if there is a way to accomplish this without replacing the main() function? Thanks Farzad
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