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  1. Yes, it works! Thank you, Philipp. I changed all the SC_THREADs to SC_METHODS and now I can run a size as large as 32768. When N=65536, the 8GB memory on my computer runs out, but there are no errors any more. For SC_METHODS, I cannot change the stack size. So for the next step, probably I need to improve the algorithm. Anyway, this problem is solved. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you, Hans. I tried this two methods, but they do not work. The error remains.
  3. Hi there, I want to simulate a lager system which calculates the inner product of two large vectors. The target vector size is 10^6, but now I can only achieve 4096. When the size N equals 8192, it reports an error: ./../src/systemc/sc_cor_qt.cpp:115: virtual void sc_core::sc_cor_qt::stack_protect(bool): Assertion `ret == 0' failed. I tried set_stack_size which does not work. Because any single thread is not large. They are either an adder or a multiplier. But the whole system is quite large, containing N multiplier and more than N adders. I guess enlarge the stack for sc_main may help, but I do not know how to do that. There is such an option in ModelSim, however, it does not work for my case. Does anybody have any suggestion? Thanks. Jintao
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