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Cadence UVM_RGM2.7.5 release

About This File

UVM_RGM2.7.5 is the UVM version of the Cadence Register and Memory package that has been tested by multiple users on all major commercial simulators. 

Bug Fixed:  

  • Fixed issue with backdoor read for special read fields 
  • Fixed issue with sync for special read fields
  • Guarded exclude names with empty string match
  • Fixed filtering by breaking immediately when condition matches

  • Walking one built-in-seq did not create the regOp when writing.
  • Mode based register enum field macro having wrong case statement
  • Typo in DPI file (vhpiHandleT changed to vpiHandle)
  • Check for address overlap for indirect / shared and mode-based corrected

  • Modified the burst rd-wr testcase to have response
  • Include / exclude addresses, get_config_object issue with reference handle pass


  • Added support for mode based registers having separate storage
  • Added stand-alone examples for mode-based registers
  • Fixed the typo in sequence macro file when it error
  • Shared register treated as RW register when filtering using condition
  • Shared-indirect register not handled correctly by built-in-sequences
  • Missing clone bit in get_config_object of address_range in sequence library

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