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Synopsys VCS: Compilation Error when running example from UVM1.0 package

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Hello All,

The VCS simulator version I am using is v2011.03.mx

I am new to UVM. So, trying to run the simple examples in UVM package. These are the steps performed.

1. I have downloaded the "uvm-1.0p1" package from the website: http://www.accellera.org/activities/vip/

and copied to my folder.

2. My aim is to run the "hello_world" example provided in this package.

3.By default the vcs version I use is 2009.06 and hence I add this to <My_Path>/uvm-1.0p1/examples/Makefile.vcs:

"--v v2011.03.mx" to the vcs command line.

3. Then I go to the folder

<My_Path>/uvm-1.0p1/examples/simple/hello_world and type the command:

make -f Makefile.vcs.

I get compilation error in the file:../../../src/macros/uvm_object_defines.svh,line 692. The entire error message is pasted below.


make -f Makefile.vcs

vcs --v v2011.03.mx -sverilog -timescale=1ns/1ns +acc +vpi +incdir+../../../src ../../../src/uvm.sv ../../../src/dpi/uvm_dpi.cc -CFLAGS -DVCS +incdir+. \


cmd: vcs

LM_LICENSE_FILE: 1730@issg-lmgr1:6055@ls-na-west:6055@ls-na-east:6055@ls-csi:11208@smblmgr1:7460@issg-lmgr1

Note: Latest production version of vcs available is v2009.06-2mx

VCS_HOME is set to /auto/edatools/synopsys/vcs/v2011.03.mx

Invoking vcs v2011.03.mx

*** Using c compiler /usr/bin/gcc instead of cc ...

Chronologic VCS

Version E-2011.03 -- Wed Nov 16 15:52:30 2011

Copyright © 1991-2011 by Synopsys Inc.


This program is proprietary and confidential information of Synopsys Inc.

and may be used and disclosed only as authorized in a license agreement

controlling such use and disclosure.

Warning-[ACC_CLI_ON] ACC/CLI capabilities enabled

ACC/CLI capabilities have been enabled for the entire design. For faster

performance enable module specific capability in pli.tab file

Parsing design file '../../../src/uvm.sv'

Parsing included file '../../../src/uvm_pkg.sv'.

Parsing included file '../../../src/uvm_macros.svh'.

Parsing included file '../../../src/macros/uvm_version_defines.svh'.

Back to file '../../../src/uvm_macros.svh'.

Parsing included file '../../../src/macros/uvm_message_defines.svh'.

Back to file '../../../src/uvm_macros.svh'.

Parsing included file '../../../src/macros/uvm_phase_defines.svh'.

Back to file '../../../src/uvm_macros.svh'.

Parsing included file '../../../src/macros/uvm_object_defines.svh'.

Error-[sE] Syntax error

Following verilog source has syntax error :

"../../../src/macros/uvm_object_defines.svh", 692: token is 'for'

for(cnt=0; cnt<str__.len(); ++cnt) begin \


1 warning

1 error

CPU time: .046 seconds to compile

make-3.79.1-p7: *** [comp] Error 255


Am I missing something?

Please help me in running the example and compiling any other UVM code using VCS?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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There was some issues while I copied the files from windows to linux server and hence had to use the "dos2unix" command to the UVM files. This did the work and now I am able to compile and run the example. Thanks for your attention.

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