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Enumeration tracing

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I'm trying to keep track of an enumeration... the code is pretty simple:



      enum req_type_t
         NONE // Used to intialize the variable when the constructor is called without parameters
      inline friend void sc_trace(sc_trace_file *tf, const req & m, const std::string & NAME )
         const char* names[] = {"WRITE", "READ", "LAT_WRITE", "LAT_READ", "NONE"};
         sc_trace(tf, m.req_type, NAME+".req_type", names);


When I run it tells me that enum tracing is deprecated... what is the current enum tracing method?
mofo@mofobox:~/controller$ ./main 
             SystemC 2.3.0-ASI --- Jun 13 2013 15:06:45
        Copyright © 1996-2012 by all Contributors,
Note: VCD trace timescale unit is set by user to 1.000000e-10 sec.
Info: (I804) /IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated: tracing of enumerated literals is deprecated
Info: (I804) /IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated: You can turn off warnings about
             IEEE 1666 deprecated features by placing this method call as the
             first statement in your sc_main() function:
  sc_report_handler::set_actions("/IEEE_Std_1666/deprecated", SC_DO_NOTHING);

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As far as I know there isn't one.


sc_trace of enumeration types was already deprecated in 1666-2005.


I suppose part of the problem is that VCD itself doesn't support enumeration types (I'm assuming VCD as defined in 1364-2001).




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